Join the Blythe Park PTA 2023-2024

*****9/30 is last day to get a yard sign or Magnet!!!!!!!
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The Blythe Park PTA brings a variety of programming to the children and families of Blythe Park School each year in the areas of academic enrichment and family fun. Come be a part of the Blythe Park PTA!
PTA Direct Donation Campaign
As you become a PTA member, we hope you will consider giving additional financial support to our efforts and activities. Please consider giving to our Direct Donation Campaign which supports all of the activities that help make our students' experience at Blythe Park School so incredible.
We aim for 100% participation from families at any level you are comfortable with. We have suggested membership amounts below
*100% of your Direct Donation is tax-deductible
*100% of your Direct Donation goes directly to the school
By joining the PTA you are NOT required to be at meetings, although we do encourage it, we value your input. If you have an item you would like brought to the table for discussion at the meeting you can email us at